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Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement

WCS agrees to investigate your nuisance animal problem and offer a free of charge estimate to show the most practical method to remedy the nuisance animal(s).

WCS does reserve the right to charge a one time only, per job, service charge / inspection fee determined by WCS. It is the sole discretion of WCS to determine the method to be used during the capture of the nuisance animals. WCS must take possession of any and all captured nuisance animals for proper release or disposal.

Customer will be advised of the dangers of the mechanical traps and devices set by WCS. Customer agrees to release WCS of any liability in regards to damages, losses or injuries incurred due to the customer handling the traps and/or animals after they have been properly placed and set by WCS.

Customer agrees to pay the full amount of the invoice on completion of services done by WCS. If the full amount is not paid, WCS reserves the right to charge a late fee of $35.00 in addition to the amount of the invoice. Repeated late fee charges will apply to each 30 days overdue. Customer agrees to pay a $35.00 fee for each check returned.

Customer agrees to allow WCS on their property at reasonable dates and times (the minimum being once per day as per Indiana State law) to set traps, check traps and remove animals. Customer agrees to pay for the catch of any and all animals regardless if customer is present at time of catch and/or checking of traps.

Customer agrees to keep children, pets and other persons away from traps and animals caught in traps set by WCS while on their property. Customer agrees to release WCS from all liability in reference to any domesticated pet(s), stray or otherwise, caught in traps set by WCS.

Customer agrees to pay for the cost of any traps set by WCS that are vandalized or stolen while on their property.
Customer agrees to pay for non target catches of animals. The price will be determined by WCS.
WCS reserves the right to terminate the job at any time.

I have read and understand the terms listed above. I agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Wildlife Control Services.

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Roof/Ceiling Disclaimer

I have been made aware of the risks involved when working on roofs and/or ceilings by WCS. I have been made aware of the possibility of damage occurring from a nuisance animal and/or by a WCS technician. I hereby release WCS of any and all liability when working on or around my roof or ceiling.

I have read the above disclaimer and agree to the terms by WCS.

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Contact Information

Wildlife Control Services, LLC
Deric Beroshok, Owner

Call: (765) 860-7499

We Handle All of These Nuisance Animals

  • Raccoons
  • Groundhogs
  • Squirrels
  • Canada Geese
  • Coyotes
  • Skunks
  • Snakes
  • and many more!